Application for training

IIRR is dedicated to sharing rural development experiences and insights with other practitioners through international and regional “Applied Learning” courses and workshops. Training courses offer hands-on, practice-based learning experiences using real world examples taught by practitioners and experts from the field. Our experiences, lessons and good practices are then documented through the Join our Writeshop Process, a process of sharing knowledge and drawing lessons from these experiences.

Our team of experts draws on IIRR’s extensive experience working in community development to formulate topical, professional-level courses that give participants useful, practical training on a variety of topics, particularly in community-led and participatory development. Course participants develop individual plans to ensure that they can apply what they learn to their own organizational work in the field and are welcome to join our alumni community for on-going mentoring and sharing of best practices. Through our networks, we also facilitate learning exchanges by organizing national, regional and international conferences, dialogues, and roundtable discussions related to our program themes.

IIRR also designs customized courses and study programs on development-related topics for teams of eight or more. These courses can be adapted to meet the needs of unique work environments.

Please contact the Applied Learning team to discuss any topics you would like to have a tailored course designed around. For Africa-based courses, email, and for Asia-based courses email