Global Learning Alliance

The GLA is an alliance of practitioners, researchers and development workers from the academe, government agencies, research institutions, civil society organizations, non-government organizations and the private sector, among others involved in promoting and implementing pro-poor livelihood initiatives. As organizations, institutions and individuals, members have a wide range of experiences in pro-poor agriculture value chains and delivering agricultural financial services.

Members of the alliance are bound by their common desire to share and learn from each other’s best practices, models, strategies and experiences gained from long years of implementing livelihoods projects. It generates, documents, promotes, and disseminates lessons learned and best practices on pro-poor agriculture value chains and financial services. The alliance aims to reach millions of poor farmers and rural producers all over the word in order to help them graduate from poverty.

The Global Learning Alliance was established in May 2013 as the main output of the project, “Building a Global Learning Alliance and Networks for Scaling up Successful Research and Development Activities to Advance Livelihoods Promotion” funded by the Ford Foundation and led by the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR).

Three sub-regional learning clusters – one each in Asia, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa – have been formed. Each cluster is led by a GLA member organization from within that region. The cluster lead organization then coordinates the processes of setting the cluster’s learning agenda and implementation of cluster-specific activities in relation to the learning agenda.

Since its inception, the GLA has organized south-south learning exchanges for members to learn from successful and innovative practices in India and Kenya. It has also conducted trainings, as well as writeshops and writing clinics to help document experiences and lessons learned by members in the form of case studies, policy briefs, practical guides and other useful learning materials.

The alliance recently launched its new website ( to serve as a dynamic platform for learning and sharing among Alliance members and other livelihood promoting and support organizations and individuals around the globe. The website contains a number of features that facilitate on-line interaction, sharing and learning. Members can share and download resource materials – case studies, good practices and success stories, practical guides, research and evaluation reports, videos, policy briefs and other publications.  A forum portal allows members to initiate discussions on topics of interest. The forum portal also allows participants and facilitators to previous learning and exchange visits and capacity-building activities organized by the alliance to continue to interact, provide updates and seek and provide continuing technical advice as needed.

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