Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management, Documentation Packaging, and Dissemination

One of IIRR’s strengths lies in documenting and publishing information about development that is easy to understand for a range of readers, including farmers, extension workers, teachers, NGO trainers, schoolchildren, government officials, and others.

IIRR has invented ‘writeshop’ method of producing information materials. Using this unique method, IIRR has produced over 100 written products – manuals, tool kits, children’s story books, practical guides, academic text books, field guides, information kits, posters, flyers, brochures and technical papers – for a wide array of clients, many of them in Africa.

These publications are written in simple, non-technical language, well-illustrated, and clearly laid out. Thousands of farmers, extension or development agents, members of youth groups, researchers and policy makers have participated in the process and many of these people are now using writeshop to document their own development experiences.