Study Programs

Study Missions and Technical Services

2 Jan_IIRR ICRAFNewly emerging democracies in Southeast Asia and East Africa needed to learn from neighbors with mature democracies. Well-planned learning exchanges or study missions are the best ways to facilitate this peer-to-peer learning exposure.
With strong institutional bases in both Asia and Africa, as well as partners spread around both continents, IIRR is well suited to facilitate the south-south and south-north learning among development organizations. Annually, we host up to half a dozen missions in Asia and Africa.

Thus, IIRR plays a strategic facilitation role through organized study programs. The study programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of unique work environments by addressing individual and organizational capacity gaps that need strengthening and further development. Aware of the importance of discussing ongoing collaboration with our clients, we make sure to pay project and field visits.

Those who are impressed with our field work during the trainings or study missions often invite us to provide technical services linked to organizational development. Such services include community organizing, project evaluation, organizational assessment and restructuring, project management, strategy formulation, and leadership development.