Financial Information

Your contribution to IIRR enables rural people across Africa and Asia to overcome poverty in their communities through programs like education for pastoralists and marginalized communities, bio-intensive community gardens for food security, and disaster risk mitigation. Rather than handouts, IIRR believes in training people to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty.

We provide mentoring, training, and technical assistance, and on-going support/evaluation to the people and their organizations, enabling them to develop and manage local poverty fighting programs themselves. In the words of our founder, Dr. Yen, “outsiders can help, but insiders must do the job.”


Your investment in the poor rural communities that IIRR works in can transform not only lives and livelihoods but entire generations of people who have developed the capacity to address poverty and other social issues. We leverage your investment by training local people to pull themselves out of poverty. That training then stays in the community and continues to benefit people for the long-term. This makes IIRR’s projects truly sustainable.