60 Days of IIRR

2020 marks IIRR’s 60th Anniversary: 60 years of leading innovation and empowering marginalized rural communities.

Join us in celebrating 60 Days of IIRR as we hear from community partners, IIRR staff, and leading industry figures from around the world as we celebrate rural communities and IIRR’s achievements through the decades.

Dr. Y.C. James Yen

Founder, IIRR

Gabby Sinnott

President, IIRR GSPIA Student Chapter

Mary Hayat

Student, IIRR PLEF Program

Alden Secretario

Finance Director, IIRR

Keo Sreytouch

Community project participant, IIRR Cambodia

Abibah Sumana

Program/Research Officer Intern, IIRR

Tuy Uon

Cassava farmer, IIRR Cambodia training participant

Yuntian Zhang

IIRR Intern