COVID-19 Rural Response Fund

Together we can stop hunger in rural areas


Choose an amount to give per month

Choose an amount to give

All donations to IIRR will support our global efforts to fight the coronavirus in rural areas.


89% of your contribution goes directly to programs that strengthen food security and address nutritional gaps in rural Africa and Asia.

Together, we can make an impact.

Children from the world’s most vulnerable communities need our help to fight the COVID-19


They are scared, hungry, and face severe threats from the coronavirus. It could claim their lives or the lives of their family. The only thing we could do now is to protect them from hunger and malnutrition, so they can have high chances of fighting the disease.

But we cannot do it alone.

We need your help so we can reach more vulnerable communities. We need your help so that we can provide healthy solutions in rural areas where we work. We need your help so that these children could have enough good food to eat. Together with our partners, we want to combat child hunger and address the food crisis and malnutrition that will increase at an alarming rate during the pandemic.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together to help the most vulnerable from COVID-19.


IIRR has received the highest ratings in the industry for transparency and accountability.

Your gift today will help us reach more vulnerable children and communities. Together we can prevent them from being hungry and sick.