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Unlike many organizations that produce academic and highly technical literature, our publications are simple, well illustrated and easy to read. Our end beneficiaries for most of our publications are our grassroots partners and communities. More importantly, the community members actively participate in generating the informationcontained in most of our publications and we use them as peer reviewers to ensure their relevance.

Our publication of wide range covering topics like health, environment and natural resources, Drought and Disaster Risk reduction, climate change, agriculture, value chains, animal health, sustainable and conservation agriculture, indigenous knowledge, communication, public awareness and many more.

All of our publications are produced by bring together people with diverse knowledge and experience that range from scientist and researchers to community leaders, extension agents and farmers. We use a process called Writeshop invented over 20 years ago, where people with diverse knowledge and experience gather in one place to produce various publications with the assistance of editors, facilitators, artists and design specialists.

Our publications are free of copyright restrictions except for mass production to make an economic gain. Read more under Writeshops.

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