IIRR at 60

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$85, 369 Raised
$600, 000 Goal

Global poverty is set to increase for the first time in a generation.


IIRR is determined to use its 60th anniversary to prepare itself to face this threat in the decade to come. To do so, we must continue to adapt and innovate. New and creative technologies will be vital to facing this new and unprecedented threat and achieving our mission of eradicating extreme rural poverty.

We cannot achieve this alone.

Over the last 60 years we have touched over 15 million lives in 46 different countries. These achievements would never have been possible without the support of our valued supporters. We need these supporters to step up in the face of current difficulties and rise to the challenge of helping IIRR raise $600,000 to mark our 60th anniversary and springboard us into the next decade.

Mark this once-in-a-decade-milestone today.

All donations to our 60th anniversary campaign will contribute directly to our mission of eradicating extreme rural poverty and empowering rural people.

IIRR is rated in the top 1% of charities in the United States for transparency: 89% of your donations go directly to our programs on the ground.