CLI-MARK improving the way farmers do business

CLI-MARK improving the way farmers do business IIRR’s CLI-MARK Project in Ethiopia improves the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and organizational capacities of livestock enterprises. In 2018, they acquired critical skills and knowledge and adopted improved practices that enabled them to engage better with markets and gain higher income.

Tume Huka, a farmer who owns a herd of cattle, sheep, and goats and a shop selling motorbike fuel is a member of a micro-enterprise group which buys, fattens, and sells livestock. “Before the CLI-MARK training, we never kept any records and we didn’t make much money,” she says. “Now, I have learned how to monitor prices in the market, keep proper records, and work out the best time to buy and sell. As a result, we are making more money.”At El waye market in Ethiopia,

Garbole Jaldesa, secretary of a small livestock buying enterprise, discusses with a trader who has just spent 14 days trekking a fine herd of bullocks from Northern Kenya. “CLI-MARK really helped us,” he says. “In the past, I didn’t know how to assess the price of an animal but I can now. CLI-MARK also linked me to some lead companies. I now know what their specifications are and we are anegotiating an MOU.”

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