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Duty Station: Arbaminch and Jinka

Number of Positions: Two

Job Summary

The Omo-Konso Cluster / Gamo-Gofa Cluster Cashier is responsible for cheque writing, petty cash handling, collecting payments, issuing receipts, and ensuring accuracy in their respective cluster. They will work within the wider MaYEA program team and other IIRR staff. They are accountable to their respective cluster coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate with the Cluster Accountant to ensure the safe has enough cash for each payment.
  • Prepare payment sheets, pre-count, Schedule, set up, and execute each payment.
  • Prepare all payments and ensure payments and expenses match the budget lines (including payment requests, voucher advance forms, and payment sheets).
  • Cross-check all documentation and ensure compliance procedures are followed before preparing payment vouchers and keeping the cash book up to date.
  • Ensure all advances are cleared for the staff before paying the salary
  • Check voucher quality regularly
  • Keep track of payments and update the physical and Excel cash book,
  • Check the Safe & Cashbook at the end of each day and ensure that the balance matches with the Cash Books
  • Deal with Money Exchange, change money for the cashbooks whenever needed, and register it
  • Weekly coordinate with the cluster accountant to ensure that the balance in the safe and the bank accounts are in line with the cash and bank books, release the cash checking statement, and report the same to the cluster coordinator.
  • Serve as cluster office store keeper
  • Read and be thoroughly familiar with the safeguarding policy and code of conduct.
  • Demonstrate behaviors that promote a safe culture.
  • Raise concerns immediately

Qualifications & Skills 

  • BA/Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Business Management and related fields
  • Minimum 1-year BA experience and three years Advanced Diploma in a similar position.
  • Fluency in English and Amharic Languages.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office software, including Word and Outlook, and advanced skills in Excel.
  • Capacity to work under pressure and meet reporting deadlines.
  • Autonomy, neutrality, hard work, strong belief in equality. 

Application Process 

  • Interested applicants are expected to apply only through email at, the latest by December 21, 2023, at 4:00 PM.
  • The application package shall include an application letter clearly outlining the applicant’s experience and suitability for the position and an updated CV of the applicant with three references. No other supporting documents are needed at the application stage.
  • IIRR Ethiopia will notify short-listed candidates to provide their credentials. 

Women and people with disability are encouraged to apply.