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General Description 

The Seed Technologist is responsible for enhancing quality control systems related to seed production, processing, and storage at IIRR’s campus-based, agro-biodiversity conservation site. S/he will support the current crop museum manager in identifying promising locally adapted crops from local communities. S/he will help set seed production protocols and will strengthen basic seed drying and storage methods and basic cataloging of the seed inventory. S/he will report directly to the Program Officer for Agriculture while coordinating with other team members supporting IIRRs crop museum and agrobiodiversity program.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Support and enhance the current conservation and propagation of locally adapted crops (including indigenous vegetables) at the IIRR Crop Museum
  2. Establish timely and accurate evaluation, and recording of vegetables and root /tuber crop characteristics, performance, and adaptability
  3. Responsible for the testing of indigenous vegetable seeds, roots and tuber crops for germination, physical purity, vigor, seed quality and overall adaptability to changing  environments
  4. Expand knowledge and professionalism in seed technology by participating in in-house continuing education, enrolling in relevant coursework, attending workshops,  participating in professional seed technology committees and associations
  5. Develop information and education materials on promoting indigenous vegetables for schools and community gardens for resilient and healthy food systems
  6. Provide regular updates and reports (such as but not limited to seed production work plan and findings of plant characteristics) to the immediate supervisor and the other team members
  7. Ensure quality and confidentiality of client and company information
  8. Participate in staff capacity development programs, projects, and/or activities that may be assigned from time to time
  9. Perform finance-related duties and responsibilities such as liquidation of any cash advances as well as judiciously care for any financial and or non-financial resources and/or assets and/or property of IIRR
  10. Contribute to the development of concept notes/project ideas and proposals and contribute to resource generation to grow the program on agrobiodiversity conservation


  • BA/BS in the relevant scientific field, such as agricultural science, plant breeding, or plant pathology (or equivalent in experience and/or education)
  • Experience in agrobiodiversity conservation, seed production, and agricultural experience preferred
  • Relevant knowledge of the seed production and testing, general knowledge of seed laws, labeling, and understanding of agrobiodiversity conservation
  • Must have excellent communication skills and an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • Must be well organized
  • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must be a self-starter and able to work in a fast-paced work environment
  • Applicants must have the legal right to work in the Philippines

Interested applicants who meet the above job criteria may send their (1) electronic application letter with salary and benefits expectations (1-2 pages) that summarizes key competencies and skills relevant to the job (2) curriculum vitae with an ID picture (3–5-page summary), (3) contact information (telephone, email); and (4) three letters of references with address and contact email/phone numbers to the email address provided. The closing date of application is 31 May 2022 or until a suitable candidate is identified.



We will respond to short-listed candidates only.

IIRR is an equal opportunity employer.