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What Is A Climate Smart Village?

Climate change has and will continue to significantly impact rural communities around the world. In particular, as weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, farmers struggle to support regular crop yields. In order to address the effect of climate change on agriculture around the world, the IIRR is supporting research into and implementation of Climate-Smart Villages (CSVs).

Adverse weather conditions and other climate-related concerns contribute to unpredictability in terms of mechanization, pests and diseases, and market prices. These factors threaten the livelihood of smallholder farmers around the world, and particularly in the global south. The IIRR recognizes the vitality of these farmers, who produce over 80% of the food we consume, and seeks to contribute its CSV initiative in order to: 

  1. Sustainably increase agricultural productivity and incomes
  2. Adapt and build resilience to climate change
  3. Reduce and/or remove greenhouse gases emissions, where possible


Over 60 years of technical expertise and research in rural development, sustainable agriculture and livelihood creation

Established partnerships with industry leaders in the agriculture, nutrition, and international development sector

Deep-rooted relationships and long-standing trust within the communities that we work with in Africa and Asia

Some Of Our Recent Work

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Cambodia - Improving Livelihoods

Farmers in 37 Cambodian villages progressed from earning less than $100 usd/month to earning up to $250 usd/month

Zimbabwe - Bio-Intensive Gardening Project

Increased agricultural yields by over 300% to help farmers combat food insecurity and increase incomes

Philippines - Integrated School Nutrition Model

  • 81,055 undernourished children currently benefit
  • The model has been mainstreamed by the government across 796 public elementary schools

Upcoming CSV Projects:

IIRR Climate Smart Village aims to work directly with farmers in Southeast Asia and East Africa to produce economically viable products while simultaneously assisting farmers with:

Climate Change Adaptation

Develop and upscale CSVs in Southeast Asia and East Africa

Economic And Social Empowerment

Create a new revenue stream for rural communities by helping them grow and monetize economically viable products and implement holistic interventions to promote gender equality

Food Security & Nutrition

Diversify farmer’s livelihood and add more nutrients to diets