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IIRR is pleased to present its 2022 Impact Report, highlighting the organization’s transformative contributions and achievements in rural development over the past year. Through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and the dedicated efforts of our talented staff, IIRR continues to fulfill its mission of empowering rural communities.

This year’s report underscores IIRR’s commitment to sustainable development across its five key themes. In 2022, the focus of our programs reflected the increasing global attention given to climate change and its subsequent impact on food systems.

The accomplishments featured in this report reflect IIRR’s ongoing efforts to build resilient, self-sustaining, and empowered rural communities. Our valued partnerships with local governments, non-governmental organizations, and international agencies allowed us to amplify the reach and impact of our programs. Some impact highlights from 2022 include:

As in previous years, IIRR maximized its impact with more than 87% of expenditures to direct project costs. IIRR invested over $5.1 million in rural empowerment programs in 2022.

Read more about IIRR’s activities and accomplishments in the 2022 Impact Report

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