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Private sector partnerships allow us to advance our work empowering rural communities around the world


  • Those with the courage to tackle the complex challenges of our times;
  • Those with innovative solutions;
  • Those with monies to invest;
  • Those with the wherewithal to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IIRR works daily in rural communities with people whose experience on the ground has given them unsurpassed local knowledge of conditions and practices, which we pair with resources brought forth by technical experts, sustainability leaders, entrepreneurs, impact fund managers, and family offices with interests in regenerative agriculture, crop and livestock development, nutrition, sustainable forestry, ecosystem restoration, renewable energy, education and training, entrepreneurship, livelihoods and enterprise development, business finance, eco-tourism, supply chain and logistics, sexual health and gender equity, and knowledge creation and knowledge management.


Together we create, replicate, or scale proven practices. We use a community-led, needs-based approach to design and implement our programs around the world, holding offices in 9 countries. We use our combined skills to achieve greater impact in five programmatic areas: food systems, environment, education, economic empowerment, and health.

IIRR has proven practices to

  • increase food production and nutrition.
  • restore ecosystems and sequester carbon.
  • educate and train children, youth, and adults.
  • promote financial inclusion and enterprise development.
  • increase the capacity of federal, regional, and local governments, as well as civil society organizations.
  • improve sexual health and reduce gender-based violence.

IIRR programs have helped more than 44 million people around the world

Together we can create a social impact, advance SDGs, and improve rural life around the world.

If you’d like to join us in achieving our goals, please contact us.