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Global Learning Program Linking “know-how” with “do-how”

Global Learning Program

IIRR continues to be an international training and enabling institution of choice for development practitioners, backed by more than 61 years of field practice and experience in Asia and Africa. Since the first training program in 1965, IIRR’s training courses continue to evolve with time.

High Quality, Efficiency, And Effectiveness

These are priorities for IIRR Global Learning Program in delivering international training for development practitioners. From planning to the evaluation phase, we regularly review our training methods and the results we achieve. We also put a high value in tracking the applicability of training approaches that we pass on to every participant.


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Upcoming International Training Courses for 2020

Events List

Other courses for 2020

  • Leadership courses NGO Governance
  • Rural Development Understanding Rural Realities and Discovering 21st Development Approaches
  • Social Enterprise Development Developing Social Enterprises
  • Special Programs
    • Free webinar on Fundraising and Resource Mobilization
    • Impact evaluation
  • National Training Program
    • Facilitating Innovation in Communities:  Overcoming challenges using appropriate solutions
    • Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
    • Participatory Project Development and Management: Sustaining Change and Outcomes
    • Organization Development and Learning: Strengthening Community-based Organizations
    • Study Program on Resilient Family Farming
    • Facilitating the Writeshop Process

Global Learning Program Services

We offer short-term international courses under the “Global Learning Program”. Courses are participatory and practice-based using real world experiences and taught by practitioners and experts in the field.

Education Programs

Organizational Support Services

Knowledge Management