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Global Learning Program:

Linking “know-how” with “do-how”

Global Learning Program

IIRR continues to be an international training and enabling institution of choice for development practitioners, backed by more than 63 years of field practice and experience in Asia and Africa. Since the first training program in 1965, IIRR’s training courses continue to evolve with time.

High Quality, Efficiency, And Effectiveness

These are priorities for IIRR Global Learning Program in delivering international training for development practitioners. From planning to the evaluation phase, we regularly review our training methods and the results we achieve. We also put a high value in tracking the applicability of training approaches that we pass on to every participant.


participants trainined from various institutions


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Upcoming International Training Courses and Learning Events for 2024

2024 Events List

  • Facilitating Community-based Agriculture: Lessons from Climate-Smart Villages (CBA-CSVs) in Cambodia
    • March 11-17
  • SUN CSN Regional Meeting for SUN CSA Service Providers
    • September (exact dates TBA)
  • ClimBer’s Regional Exchange
    • October 17-18
  • Tracking Progress and Impacts via Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL)
    • October 23-24 (webinar)
    • October 28-November 1 (in-person)
  • Climate Change Adaptation and its interconnection to People-Centred Food Systems in Ethiopia
    • November 6-7 (webinar)
    • November 11-16 (in-person)
  • Rural Development and Management
    • November 20-21 (webinar)
    • November 25-29 (in-person)

Themes for future training and learning events


  • Understanding Rural Realities and Discovering 21st Century Development Approaches
  • Rural Development and Management for Rural Transformation


  • NGO Leadership for Social Change
  • NGO Governance
  • Participatory Governance
  • Young Leaders Program for Sustainable Development


  • Climate Resilient and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture
  • Nutrition Sensitive Programming
  • Family Farming
  • Regenerative Agriculture


  • Community-managed Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training
  • Psychosocial Support Program for DRRM


  • Developing and Managing Community-based Enterprises
  • Young Entrepreneurs Program
  • Strengthening Rural Women’s Enterprises


  • Organizational Development
  • Writeshop and Documentation
  • Training Program Development and Management
  • Participatory Situational Analysis/Participatory Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Technical Assistance
  • Evaluation Studies

To register

To register for any of the listed events, please complete this brief form and a member of the GLP team will follow up with you.

For more information

To request more information about training courses, learning events, or customized offerings, please email

Global Learning Program Services

We offer short-term international courses under the “Global Learning Program”. Courses are participatory and practice-based using real world experiences and taught by practitioners and experts in the field.

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