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IIRR Student Chapters brings the cause of ending extreme poverty in rural communities to universities


The Student Chapter Network is an interconnected and empowered network of university students dedicated to increasing the visibility of marginalized rural communities through advocacy and fundraising.

The Network works as part of the wider IIRR community to tackle its five pillars: Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Food Systems, and Environment. Each member directly contributes to the IIRR’s work to empower rural people and produce life-changing outcomes for rural communities.

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What is a student chapter?

A Student Chapter is a student-led group run by an elected Executive Board to promote and support the essential work of the IIRR. Every member is a vital part of the wider IIRR community and contributes to making empowering, long-lasting, and sustainable changes to the lives of rural communities around the world.

Why be part of a Student Chapter?

Being part of an IIRR Student Chapter is an awesome experience for those looking to forge a career in international or rural development, or for anyone who is passionate about social equality and the lives of rural people.

  • Play a direct role in delivering social change for the poorest, most rural communities in Africa and Asia who face the challenges of hunger, malnutrition, and climate change.
  • Develop professional and proven skills in operational management, fundraising, lobbying, advocacy, event management, and networking.
  • Grow your professional portfolio to include NGO and development work. Participation in our mentoring program gives you an additional talking point and area of expertise for future job searches.
  • An excellent grounding for a future career in international development, policy or research.

IIRR means giving those with limited opportunities the chance to enhance their livelihood and fostering development for generations to come. It’s working alongside compassionate and driven individuals to support the goal of equitable livelihoods for rural communities. As the President of IIRR’s Student Chapter at GSPIA, I hope to spread awareness of the needs of impoverished rural communities as well as work to enhance their livelihoods through advocacy and fundraising initiatives.

Gabby SinnottFormer IIRR Chapter President, University of Pittsburgh

Creating a New Student Chapter

IIRR is expanding its Student Chapter Network and is looking for motivated and passionate university students to rise to the challenge of setting up a new chapter. Share your information below!

Together, let’s support the cause of ending extreme poverty in rural communities around the world.