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According to the 2020 FAO report, there are nearly 690 million people (8.9%) around the world that are hungry


million in the world affected by food insecurity


million in Asia affected by food insecurity


million in Africa affected by food insecurity

Additionally, the gender gap in accessing food has increased from 2018-2019

IIRR is tackling the challenges in our food systems through two programs

Food security and nutrition

These programs focus on addressing malnutrition through nutrition sensitive programs with an emphasis on dietary diversity.


Our agriculture program promotes sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices with an emphasis on agroforestry techniques. This program encourages sustainable production of the food-value chain.

Highlights of our work

Our food systems program has been implemented in countries across the world. In 2019 alone, IIRR fed 128,293 children in the Philippines and trained 898 farmers in sustainable agriculture practices in Cambodia.


children fed


farmers trained

We highlight some detailed examples of our work below:

Food security and nutrition

Integrated school nutrition programs in the Philippines

Learn more


Bio-Intensive gardening in Zimbabwe

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