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The Young Professionals Network (YPN) provides support, innovation, and promotion for the work of IIRR while engaging young professionals as donors, leaders, and most importantly rural advocates.

About YPN

The YPN consists of energetic, driven, and well-mobilized individuals across the globe from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise that are committed to supporting the network and their local chapter.

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Main objectives of the YPN


  • Organize events for fundraising and promoting IIRR.
  • Encourage donations from YPN members and their friends.


  • Use thought leadership to generate a compelling and persuasive brand for IIRR and its programs.
  • Expand the network of YPN members by tapping into networks and alumni communities.


  • Provide an opportunity to lead, engage and support local chapters based in a city or country.
  • Provide a pathway to obtaining a seat on the YPN board.

Eligibility to join YPN

  • 21-40 years old
  • Hold a University degree
  • Acquire a proven interest in poverty alleviation, climate change, environmental issues, international development, and rural communities.
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Membership benefits

Be Acknowledged

Directly impact the improvement of people’s lives and earn recognition for your input and fundraising contributions through digital badges and certifications.

Build a Network

Network with other professionals, acquire new contacts and directly collaborate within a local Chapter.

Become a Leader

Develop leadership skills in a philanthropic environment, mentor new Chapters and participate on the YPN board.

Get closer to IIRR

Gain an inside perspective of how an international organization delivers to rural communities across the globe.

Membership expectations

The YPN encourages all members to set out and strive towards achieving the following membership expectations:

  • Attend meetings & events: show up to general meetings, chapter meetings, recruitment events and various other events throughout the year
  • Recruit new YPN members: recruit at least one new member to YPN each year
  • Introduce a key partnership: connect, introduce and facilitate a new relationship with a foundation, corporation or high-level donor
  • Identify shared-value opportunities: spot opportunities to engage suitable foundations or corporations with partnership proposals on relevant events
  • Serve on a chapter committee: show a willingness to serve as an active member of a Chapter Committee for the minimum term
  • Be active: engage as a member for the minimum term of 12-months (2-month break is permitted).

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is a local domain of IIRR’s YPN with a local membership by city or country. Chapters are YPN-directed, committee-led groups that promote the work of IIRR as donors, leaders, and most importantly rural advocates at a local level.

What are the Chapter Leadership Roles?

Chapter leadership roles consist of:

  • Chapter Lead – Manage chapter initiatives, mentorship, and reviewing targets
  • Treasurer – Handle financing and funding related matters
  • Communications – Manage communications and outreach initiatives

What are the Chapter Requirements?

  • Every year, in support of the Chapter’s associated IIRR program/initiative:
    – reach the fundraising goal
    – plan at least one service event each quarter
  • Support and develop the local Chapter by actively recruiting new members and stimulating existing YPN members
  • Meet with Chapter members on a monthly basis
  • Meet with other Chapter Leads across the globe on a quarterly basis
  • Meet with all global Chapter members in a “town hall” format on a yearly basis
  • Submit an annual report summarising events and fundraising activities