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IIRR improves the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and organizational capacities of livestock enterprises through the CLI-MARK Project. In 2018, farmers acquired critical skills that enabled them to engage better with markets and gain higher income.

Tume Huka, a farmer who owns a herd of cattle, sheep, and goats and a shop selling motorbike fuel, is a member of a micro-enterprise group that buys, fattens, and sells livestock. “Before the CLI-MARK training, we never kept any records, and we didn’t make much money,” she says. “Now, I have learned how to monitor prices in the market, keep proper records, and work out the best time to buy and sell. As a result, we are making more money.”At El Waye market in Ethiopia,


Garbole Jaldesa, secretary of small livestock buying enterprise, discusses with a trader who has just spent 14 days trekking a beautiful herd of bullocks from Northern Kenya. “CLI-MARK helped us,” he says. “In the past, I didn’t know how to assess the price of an animal, but now I can! CLI-MARK has linked me to some lead companies. I now know what their specifications we are negotiating through an MOU,” he added.