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In rural Cambodia, accessing capital among poor communities is difficult. IIRR and partners are funding projects that help communities set up savings and credit groups. To date, 37 savings groups are established, with total savings of US$609,868 (approximately 18,300 US$ per group on average). More than 60% of the group members borrowed money are used to invest in agricultural activities and businesses. Solidarity, cooperation, and self-reliant among the group members have significantly improved.

In addition, IIRR has trained 5,000 farmers on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture. 50% of the participants are women farmers. Farm demonstrations and learning visits are tools used for knowledge transfer. Farmers have diversified their crops with high nutrient vegetables, fruit trees, and included good quality native chicken. Communities now have sustainable access to healthier food, and farmers, on the other hand, can send their children to higher education.

IIRR has also organized a climate risk workshop in coastal provinces and participated by government staff from agriculture and meteorology ministry. The workshop-tackled livelihood mapping, cropping calendar, climate impact, and climate services for farmers in the Agro-ecological zone.