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Emerging Humanitarian Needs in East Africa

As international media focuses on the continuing unrest in Ukraine, a growing crisis escalates in East Africa almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. An estimated 30 million people across the region are being impacted by climate-fueled floods and drought, internal conflict, and now soaring food prices and shortages created by the Ukraine war. For communities that are still struggling to recover from the impacts of the global pandemic, the combination of these conditions is having dire consequences on food security, health, and livelihoods. Many experts are issuing warnings that these communities are facing a real possibility of famine without an immediate and substantial global humanitarian response.

Although IIRR’s primary focus involves community-led development projects aimed at achieving systemic change, we acknowledge the need to be agile in responding to emergency humanitarian needs in times of crisis. With long-established relationships and broad networks in South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya through our offices in those countries, we have been actively strengthening partnerships with local and international NGOs, community-based organizations, and local stakeholders to respond to the current circumstances. 

As part of these efforts, we ran an urgent fundraising appeal earlier in June. Although this time-limited appeal has ended, we still welcome donations and new partnerships, as a crisis of this magnitude will require a sustained response. If you or your company/organization wants to help East Africa avoid the looming threat of famine, please reach out to us at or donate here. You can also read more about IIRR’s humanitarian response in East Africa here