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IIRR is pleased to announce the appointment of Natalie Worley as Operations Manager for the U.S. Office starting July 1, 2021. She will manage and oversee operations of the U.S. Office with additional responsibilities at the broader organizational level. As a member of the management team, she will report to IIRR’s President, Peter Williams.

Natalie joins IIRR after working for the past six years to address homelessness and affordable housing issues in South Carolina. She was the Director of CoC Planning and Data Management at the Continuum of Care/United Housing Connection and the Vice-President of Programs and Chief Operating Officer of United Housing Connection prior to joining IIRR.

She holds a Ph.D. in International Family and Community Studies from Clemson University, where her dissertation research focused on quality-of-life impacts following the installation of a communal water system in Haiti. She also holds bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and sociology and a master’s degree in social work management and community practice. Natalie enjoys working with and learning from people from diverse backgrounds. In addition to studying and working in numerous locations abroad, she also has significant experience working with immigrant and refugee populations in the United States.

Natalie is excited to join IIRR and use her skills and experience to support the organization’s initiatives in rural communities. When not working, she enjoys spending time in nature and is an avid hiker.