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August 2023 – IIRR’s Philippines-based ClimBeR team recently released a range of knowledge products aimed at addressing critical aspects of climate change, including five policy briefs focused on key dimensions of climate resilience.

These briefs aim to serve as valuable resources for policymakers, encouraging them to prioritize various dimensions of climate change. By doing so, they can promote more effective and inclusive climate resilience strategies.

The ClimBeR team also provided key technical support in developing a coffee primer, which is now ready for reproduction and distribution to smallholder farmers and other stakeholders. This primer was co-produced with external partners including ACDI/VOCA and Cavite State University. The developed material is expected to play a crucial role in empowering farmers to adapt to climate challenges and embrace sustainable practices. By providing accessible and practical information, the ClimBeR team aims to enhance the resilience of coffee farmers and contribute to broader climate action efforts.

Building Systemic Resilience Against Climate Variability and Extremes, or ClimBeR, is a research initiative of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future dedicated to transforming food, land, and water systems in a climate crisis. ClimBeR is part of CGIAR’s new research portfolio that aims to transform the climate adaptation capacity of systems in the Philippines and five other countries, ultimately increasing the resilience of smallholder production systems to withstand severe climate change effects like drought, flooding, and high temperatures. For more information, please visit