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Achieving Net Zero with Rural Communities

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Targeting net zero with rural communities

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For over 61 years, IIRR has been a leader in international development focusing specifically on rural communities

Why rural people

Over 500 million marginalized people live in rural areas. They are the smallholder farmers, fishermen, pastoralists, Indigenous peoples and forest dependent communities. Every day they rely on minimal resources to survive.

Rural programs

Our target participants

Our Vision

IIRR envisions an equitable world in which rural people achieve their full potential.

Our Impact

Our Vision

IIRR envisions an equitable world in which rural people achieve their full potential.

Our Impact
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The gender lens of economic empowerment.

Over 17 million lives across 5 continents have been improved through IIRR’s rural development programs







Climate Smart Village Model

The CSV initiative supports a number of IIRR’s priorities and working themes. Our integrated 5-pronged approach empowers smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods.

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How IIRR works to improve lives

IIRR focuses on 5 different themes to empower rural people around the world

Though often disadvantaged, rural communities have the right to self-determination and dignity. Our human-centered design approach places them at the forefront of solving their own challenges.



Strategic Plan


Business case for regenerative agriculture


2021 Impact Report


Rural Insights

Global perspectives on rural economies, education, environment, food systems, and health


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